Steel Door and Frame Installation

It’s essential that doors and frames are installed properly. People often blame the manufacturer when there are issues, when in fact the problem lies with poor installation. The videos below demonstrate how to install doors and frames the right way.

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Prep and Installation

video still of fixing twisted door frames in installation

Jobsite Storage of Doors & Frames and Field Application of Topcoat

video still from slip-on drywall frames with compression anchors installation

How to Install Slip-On Drywall Frames with Compression Anchors

The 3 Ways to Weld Steel Door Frames

The 3 Ways to Weld Steel Door Frames

video still from instructions for installing a door frame in steel stud construction

Installing a Door Frame in Steel Stud Construction

video still for installing punch & dimple frames in masonry openings

How to Install Punch & Dimple Frames (Welded or KD) in Masonry Openings


video still for fixing uneven gaps b/w door and frame

Fixing Uneven Gaps Between a Door and Frame (Improper Clearance)

video still from fixing commercial doors that won't close properly

Fixing Commercial Doors that Won't Close Properly (Hinge Bind)


photo of bucket with grout

The Risks of Grouting Frames

close-up photo of damaged steel doors

Damaged Steel Doors: Repair or Replace?

youtube video still for how to measure for replacement doors

How to Measure for Replacement Doors

The procedures and information on this page are only guidelines. Please follow applicable building codes, standards and accepted practices specific to your geographic location.