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Strong, Sustainable, Stunning

SDI sets the standards - and exceeds yours

The Steel Door Institute (SDI) was established in 1954 as a voluntary, non-profit business association that develops quality and performance standards for steel doors and frames.

Representatives of SDI member companies create and publish these standards, which are made available without charge to architects and other design professionals to ensure quality and consistency of hollow metal doors and frames used in construction.

As a complete hollow metal door and frame resource, the SDI website provides all standards, an extensive set of Frequently Asked Questions, and a Gallery of Products. SDI also offers online education for AIA and GBCI credit.

SDI members are the only manufacturers certified to meet SDI’s standards for strength, quality and consistency. Each member is actively involved in committees that develop codes, fire tests, and more.

When you specify SDI member manufacturers you can be assured you will receive a product that is well-constructed, tested, and evaluated to meet your specifications.


Why Specify SDI Members?

They are the only manufacturers who have been certified to ensure their products and processes meet SDI standards.

Some manufacturers claim to meet our standards; only SDI members have proved it.

Choose quality. Update your master specification to ensure your doors and frames are provided by SDI members.

Why Schools are Choosing Steel

Few places have doors and frames more prone to abuse than schools. Students throw their backpacks against them, bang on them, kick the doors open and slam them shut. Steel’s natural strength and durability make it the perfect door material for schools.