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SDI Videos

You can view SDI’s videos directly on this page or on YouTube instead. We have videos on the following topics:

Information for Architects
About the Steel Door Institute
Steel Doors vs. Wood, Aluminum, and FRP Doors
Tornado Resistant Doors
Popular Doors for Schools
Blast Resistant Doors - Pass and Fail Tests
Fire Rated Doors
SDI Certified
How to Install Frames in Steel Stud Construction
How to Install Frames in Masonry Construction
How to Install a Steel Door
How to Install Drywall Slip-On Frames
How to Install Punch & Dimple Frames

How to Measure for Replacement Steel Doors   NEW!
Jobsite Storage of Doors & Frames and Field Application of Topcoat

Fixing Uneven Gaps Between a Door and Frame
Fixing Doors that Won't Close due to Hinge Bind
Fixing Frames that are Twisted or Out of Square
Visit our Installation page for printable installation and troubleshooting guides,
and Spanish versions of the videos.