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SDI Videos

You can view SDI’s videos directly on this page or on YouTube instead. We have videos on the following topics:

Informational Videos
SDI Certified   NEW!
About the Steel Door Institute
Steel Doors vs. Wood, Aluminum, and FRP Doors
Popular Doors for Schools
Fire Rated Doors
Blast Resistant Doors - Pass and Fail Tests
Tornado Resistant Doors
Prep and Installation Videos
Jobsite Storage of Doors & Frames and Field Application of Topcoat
How to Install Frames in Steel Stud Construction
How to Install Frames in Masonry Construction
How to Install a Steel Door
How to Install Drywall Slip-On Frames   NEW!
How to Install Punch & Dimple Frames   NEW!

Troubleshooting Videos
Fixing Frames that are Twisted or Out of Square
Fixing Uneven Gaps Between a Door and Frame
Fixing Doors that Won't Close due to Hinge Bind


Visit our Installation page for printable installation and troubleshooting guides,
and Spanish versions of the videos.