SDI Certified

Quality is everything when it comes to steel doors and frames. They are one of the few components of buildings that people are constantly in contact with — and often provide the first impression of your building.

The Steel Door Institute has a popular industry certification called SDI Certified. The manufacturers with this certification are regularly audited to ensure they meet our rigorous manufacturing, performance and quality standards. Design professionals can just specify SDI Certified and know the manufacturer of their doors and frames will meet the highest standards in the industry

Many of the most respected steel door and frame manufacturers are SDI Certified. They produce standard, custom, and specialty products distributed in all 50 states and around the world.

SDI Certified Manufacturers

Security Metal Products

Certification Requirements

SDI Certified manufacturers maintain compliance with the standards below on a continuous basis.

ANSI/SDI A250.10

Test Procedure and Acceptance Criteria for Prime Painted Steel Surfaces for Steel Doors and Frames


Positive Pressure Fire Test. UL 1784 Standard for Air Leakage Tests


Test Procedure and Acceptance Criteria for — Physical Endurance for Steel Doors, Frames and Frame Anchors


Recommended Practice for Hardware Reinforcing on Standard Steel Doors and Frames

ASTM A1008*

Standard Specification - Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

ANSI/SDI A250.3*

Procedure and Acceptance Criteria for Factory Applied Finish Coatings for Steel Doors and Frames


Standard Specification Galvanized / Galvannealed

SDI 117

Manufacturing Tolerances for Standard Steel Doors and Frames

* if offered by manufacturer