Introducing SDI Certified

April 3, 2017 ─ To help ensure the doors and frames you specify meet our quality standards, the Steel Door Institute has developed a new industry certification called SDI Certified.

Hollow metal door and frame manufacturers who hold this certification are regularly audited to SDI’s manufacturing, performance, and quality standards. By specifying SDI Certified, design professionals can be confident their products will be true to spec and built to last.

“While many manufacturers claim to meet SDI standards, those who obtain this certification are proving it by undergoing recurring audits.” said Jeff Wherry, Managing Director of the Steel Door Institute.

Products from SDI Certified manufacturers have been audited to:

  • Withstand 250,000 to 1,000,000 open and close cycles, depending on door level.
  • Paint all of doors with primer that passes salt spray (rust) and condensation tests.
  • Pass impact and twist tests.
  • Are square corner-to-corner within 1/16”.
  • And more…

The certification was developed with guidance from architects and distributors. The most common requests were that the certification include a variety of manufacturers nationwide, and also be maintained by the manufacturer without any paperwork from the distributor – both of which we abided by.

Update the Quality Assurance section of your steel door specifications to include SDI Certified.

You will likely start seeing the SDI Certified mark on product packaging. Visit the SDI Certified page for a 90-second video, list of certified manufacturers, and certification requirements.