Commercial Steel Door Installation and Troubleshooting Guides

June 8, 2016 ─ The Steel Door Institute has published a series of manuals for prep, installation, and troubleshooting steel doors and frames. These printable, step-by-step guides are available free of charge on our installation page. You can either download all of them in one file or by one of the following topics:

  • Jobsite Storage of Steel Doors & Frames and Field Application of Topcoat
  • Installing a Steel Door Frame in Steel Stud Construction
  • Installing a Steel Door Frame in Masonry Construction
  • Commercial Steel Door Installation
  • How to Install Slip-On Drywall Frames with Compression Anchors
  • How to Install Punch & Dimple Frames (Welded or KD) in Masonry Openings
  • Fixing Uneven Gaps Between a Door and Frame (Improper Clearance)
  • Fixing Steel Door Frames that are Twisted or Out of Square
  • Fixing Commercial Doors that Won't Close Properly (Hinge Bind)

Installers should follow these guides to ensure the doors and frames and properly installed.