New SDI class on Specialty Steel Doors Available Online for AIA Credit

October 9, 2014 WESTLAKE, Ohio – Architects and specifiers can learn about eight different specialty steel doors in a new free AIA-accredited class that is available online.

“Specifying Specialty Steel Doors: A Primer on Acoustic, Tornado, Stainless Steel and More” was developed by the Steel Door Institute (SDI), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing standards and education about hollow metal doors and frames.

Those who take the course will learn about the:

  • The primary types of specialty steel doors with regard to their characteristics and performance
  • The ratings used in specifying these doors, such as STC, BR levels, and more
  • The options for stainless steel finishes and how certain finishes can lead to a cleaner environment
  • Criteria to determine which specialty steel doors are a good fit for various applications

The specialty doors covered in the class are:

"This course was developed in response to many questions from architects and specifiers to SDI about different specialty doors," said Jeff Wherry, Managing Director of SDI. “Design professionals who take Specifying Specialty Doors will gain information that is often hard to find for those specialty situations.” Wherry added that the course was created in an online format to be convenient for architects with busy schedules.

The one-hour course is available online 24x7 and provides one HSW CE hour from the American Institute of Architects. Click here to access the course.

A complete listing of all three SDI’s AIA/GBCI education courses is available here and includes information on Steel: Green Now, Green Forever, which provides one HSW and/or GBCI hour and Steel Doors and Frames 101, which provides one HSW CE hour.