SDI Standards and Alerts Available As Free One-Click Digital File

June 8, 2011 WESTLAKE, Ohio ― The Steel Door Institute (SDI) Fact File, a popular industry resource that contains all 33 of SDI’s standards documents and other technical documents, is now available for free download directly from the Steel Door Institute website

The Fact File has been available to architects and specifiers as a bound volume. The content is organized into SDI Technical Documents, ANSI/SDI Standards and Test Methods, and SDI Alerts. Previously the electronic files were only available as 33 separate files.

Jeff Wherry, Managing Director of SDI, said “The SDI Fact File binder has been a mainstay on the shelves of architects and engineers for a long time. We have also posted all of our documents in digital format on the SDI website with free downloads. This new digital Fact File saves time by providing all the latest SDI technical documents in one PDF file.”

The new digital Fact File is available here. The bound copy is still available free and can be ordered on that web page or by faxing a request to (440) 892-1404.