ANSI Standard on Hardware Reinforcing Of Steel Doors Revised SDI Technical Committee completes first revision since 2003

October 8, 2009 WESTLAKE, Ohio ― The Steel Door Institute (SDI) recently published an update to the ANSI/SDI standard for the hardware reinforcing of steel doors and frames.

The standard makes the point that specification writers and construction superintendents must be aware that proper installation methods must be considered on an equal basis with door and hardware construction requirements to achieve compatibility on the job.

The document, ANSI/SDI A250.6-2003, had not been updated since 2003. The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) A250, comprised of technical experts from SDI membership and industry participants, has been reviewing the standard for the past year.

Jim Urban, retired after a 25-year career at Underwriters’ Laboratory, served as chairman of the ASC A250 during the review and revision of this standard. Mr. Urban said, “This document addresses practices that are critical to the installation of every door and frame, namely the hardware reinforcing. It provides users of standard steel doors and frames with practical information regarding accepted design methods for reinforcing, and recommended practices for proper field preparation and installation of builders’ hardware.”

Jeff Wherry, Managing Director of SDI, said, “It has been the experience of the Steel Door Institute that most failures of hardware attachments have been caused by improper field installation rather than insufficient reinforcement. It is quite obvious that it is easier to tap an oversize pilot hole than to tap one of correct size necessary for maximum strength. Oversized holes will not ensure adequate product performance. We hope this revised standard will increase the awareness of proper installation.”

The revised standard also highlights that the material used for the manufacture of screws is also a factor in the overall performance of the attachment. Stainless steel, for example, is a stronger fastener than aluminum or plain carbon steel.

This revision was part of the regular SDI Technical Committee cycle of review for all ANSI standards regarding hollow metal doors and frames. The updated document can be found on the SDI website.