Guideline for Specifying Windstorm Products

We have published a new guideline on windstorm products just in time for the tornado and hurricane seasons.

SDI 136 Guideline for Specifying Windstorm Products covers the essential criteria for the selection and specification of windstorm resistant door assemblies for non-residential construction.

SDI Certified manufacturers of these products can be found here:

Door Assemblies Keep Schools Safe

Classroom security depends on the right lock and a practiced safety plan

A superintendent in Harris County, Texas doesn’t feel prepared. One of her to-do’s during the quiet summer months is to make the school more prepared for the unlikely event of an active shooter situation.

She hears different recommendations wherever she turns, from more mental health services to more police officers to door barricades that look like a device from the old TV show MacGyver.

While the best way to prevent school shootings is still being debated, there is finally a consensus standard that clearly defines what is necessary to be prepared if the situation does occur.

A Guide for Safer Schools

NFPA 3000 Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response Program was published in 2018 by a committee of law enforcement, Homeland Security, fire departments, school districts, and other industry professionals.

This handy list from makes it easy to determine if classroom locks are code compliant.

Location - Door hardware operable parts should be located between 34 and 48 inches above the floor, and not require special knowledge or effort, nor key or tool, nor require tight grasping, twisting, or pinching to operate, and accomplished with one operation

Security - Be easily lockable in case of emergency from within the classroom without opening the door

Lockable - Lockable and unlockable from outside the door

Steel Doors vs. Wood, Aluminum & Fiberglass Doors

We gathered data for six months from industry professionals in the US and Canada to get their answers to the question: why steel?

The result is what we believe to be the first ever data-driven comparison on how common door materials perform in fire ratings, acoustics, bullet resistance, and more.

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