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Steel Door Institute

The #1 resource for commercial steel doors and frames

The Steel Door Institute (SDI) was established in 1954 as a voluntary, non-profit business association that develops quality and performance standards for steel doors and frames.

Representatives of SDI member manufacturers create and publish these standards, which are made available without charge to architects and other design professionals to ensure quality and consistency of hollow metal doors and frames.

As a complete steel door and frame resource, the SDI website provides standards, a Door Selector Tool, Frequently Asked Questions and a Product Gallery. We also offer continuing education for AIA and GBCI credit.

Only SDI Certified manufacturers undergo recurring audits to ensure compliance with our standards for strength, quality and consistency. By specifying SDI Certified, you can be assured you will receive a product that is well-constructed, tested, and evaluated to meet your specifications.

Introducting SDI Certified

To help ensure the doors and frames you specify meet our quality standards, the Steel Door Institute has developed a new industry certification called SDI Certified.

Manufacturers who hold this certification are regularly audited to SDI’s manufacturing, performance, and quality standards. By specifying SDI Certified, design professionals can be confident their products will be true to spec and built to last.