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Custom Steel Doors and Frames

Steel is incredibly versatile. Custom doors may be specified for function—perhaps with a unique width, height or thickness—or also for aesthetics to bring a unique design element to a building.

Custom doors are appropriate in any building where steel doors are appropriate as well.

Custom Steel Door


Mesa County Library
Grand Junction, CO

Hollow metal door manufacturers have lasers and shears that allow them to trim and size the sheet metal to your specs very efficiently. Fiberglass door manufacturers use molds and presses, making custom jobs more time-consuming.

Architects often request “semi-custom” products, which are standard products ordered with unique attributes such as width, height or window location. “Full custom” products may be extremely oversized or have a special door thickness, requiring a custom core.

Custom frame designs such as arch top and circular window frames bring a unique design element to buildings. Non-right angle or polygon sidelights add a modern touch, to a museum or office building, for example. Steel doors can even have a logo etched into the steel—perfect for a corporate building.

Whatever customization you choose, consult with your SDI manufacturer early in the process—they’ve seen it all and can be very helpful in the design process. The logos below link to their websites.