Steel Door Inc.

Standard Steel Doors and Frames for Modular Masonry Construction

SDI 110-09

The Module


The size of any individual part, taken as a unit of measure for regular proportion. A basic unit of measure adopted by the Building Industry as 4 inches.


The use of a standard modular dimension common to building products such as masonry improves finished structure by the following:

  • Increased accuracy, legibility, and simplicity of working drawings and contract documents.
  • Added aesthetic flexibility induced by small unit standardization, allowing freedom of architectural design.
    Modular masonry construction meets the architectural need for blending and continuity of components.
    Non-modular units interrupt a geometric pattern, or flow, by virtue of the discontinuity of line. As a specific case, the use of a butted frame (Modular) is extremely important in stack bonded masonry unit construction. Any interruptions, such as cut units, unit lintels, wrap-arounds, etc, destroy the strong linear function of such details.
  • Increased flexibility of finished structure through lower modification, addition, and renovation costs.
  • Reduced overall material and labor costs by facilitating the use of standard practices and definable operating procedures.
  • Interchangeability of materials is facilitated by the ability to substitute modular components.
  • Estimating and takeoff simplified.
  • Detailing and drawing coordination between trades and specialties simplified by small size standard grid.


Concrete masonry units (CMU) have been standardized to an 8" high and 16" long module. Also available are
“half blocks” standardized to a 4" high and 16" long module commonly used as a “starter course” shown on
page 4. The availability of loose “TEE” or wire masonry anchors can be an advantage over “fixed” masonry
anchors since they field adjust to masonry joints.

Modular bricks have been standardized to a 2 2/3" high and 8" long module, therefore 6 bricks correspond to the modular size of CMU. This relationship is clearly shown on pages 3 and 4.

Adjustments have been made in actual sizes to allow for common size mortar joints

Wrap Around Frame

6' 8" Door or 8' 0" Door


Wrap Around Frame

7' 0" Door

Butt Type Frame

7' 2" and 7' 10" Doors or 7' 0" Door (X) 4" Header