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Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors and frames play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire. Hollow metal doors are excellent at limiting the danger and damage of fires. In fact, hollow metal is the only material widely available with a 3 hour label door.

SDI manufacturers also offer temperature rise doors, which minimize the transfer of heat to the cooler side of the door. These doors are commonly found in stairwells of high-rise buildings because they allow people to safely pass below the floors with fire.

SDI members are committed to providing technical information in varying detail on fire rated doors and frames. The resources below are ordered from broadest to most technical.

hour label doors
SDI video on Manufacturing and Testing Fire Rated Doors
Fire Rated Doors, Fire Rated Door Frame
Fire Rated Doors and Frames Presentation
Steel Fire Door
SDI 118 - Basic Fire Door, Fire Door Frame, Transom/Sidelight Frame, and Window Frame Requirements
Fire Rated Door Assemblies: Compliant Designs (Online AIA Course)

The SDI member manufacturers below provide a wide variety of fire rated doors and frames. Please click a logo below to view their products.

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